Thank you for visiting Cedra lesene hiše s.p. We build handcrafted log homes made of Canadian cedar for clients living in Slovenia and in the neighboring countries. Our company builds many different styles of log homes including handcrafted log homes, post and beam log work, timber frame homes, piece-en-piece, fusion, and dove tail. Our supplier in Canada is the company with a long tradition of building log homes - Brian Moore Log Homes.

In total, Brian Moore Log Homes with its representatives have built over 250 log homes which are located in Europe, Canada, Japan, the United States, Argentina, Taiwan, and Korea. You are welcome to visit our gallery and see the log homes we have already built together with this Canadian company.

Houses made of Canadian cedar are healthy, energetically efficient, high quality and are an expression of your unique personal style. They guarantee you safety, comfortable living and a pleasant feeling. Cedar wood differs significantly from other types of wood because it contains essential oils that protect it from all species of parasites and insects which destroy other types of wood. It is a perfect natural thermal and sound insulator and it can also be used in rooms with high percentage of moisture like bathrooms, saunas, etc.

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