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At your request we visit you at your home or building site and introduce you to the way of building log homes, show you possible plans and pictures of various log homes and listen to your wishes. Some of our clients want an original design. We can develop a unique floor plan for you from a conceptual drawing and a few magazine clippings. Other clients modify one of our existing floor plans. Either way, we will include local building regulations in our plans. Sometimes that involves helping your architect submit the plans for approval with the planning commission in your town.

Your wishes are then forwarded to the architect in Canada and they will produce preliminary drawings for you in 2 weeks. We can complete a set of final plans for you in 2 months. However, most clients take a year as they research the construction costs of the home.

After our potential clients receive a pro-forma invoice they can decide whether to hire us and buy our product. We have found that some clients are concerned about finishing their project successfully. So we offer some services to help you. We can advise you with your choice or even send you an architect, who has been building log homes before and has completed construction on such houses before.

You can decide when to start building the house and we adjust to your wishes and requirements. The Canadian company first builds the entire house in Canada to make sure that all of its component parts are of high quality and fit precisely. Then the company ships all the parts in special containers by ship to Koper. Our company (Cedra sp) makes sure that the containers get to your construction site. We can also take care of the payment of taxes or you can do that yourself.

Our building team makes sure it's easy for a general contractor to install finished materials into our homes. Floor joists are planned to create an even surface to lay flooring materials. Where framing material intersect with roof beams slots are cut so they can quickly be connected together. Kitchen walls can be flattened to save interior space and speed up installation time. We drill holes for electricity and cut recesses for electrical outlets. Slots are cut for interior partition walls as well as floor decking. We cut our window and door trims to your manufacturer's specs while accommodating future settling. We install SOF Seal P-gasket into the lateral groves and all the pieces are clearly labeled to reduce reassembly time - key to reducing crane costs. We also include any necessary metal hardware. Many customers also request log stairs and railing for their home.

The company Cedra s.p. can also build a roof for your house together with all the wood work it requires. We work with all the quality shingles available on our market and we also have the necessary a-tests and trained roofers to perform the job. We also provide guarantees for our roofs. You can see various types of shingles at the store or by visiting our web page Kleparstvo in krovstvo Borovnik in Vitanje.

You are welcome to visit our gallery or one of the log homes we have already put up in Slovenia and Austria. You will see we have a devotion to excellence. We hope you will give us the honor of building your next home.

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