Products and natural materials

We typically build from Western Red Cedar timber that is harvested along the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Western red cedar – Many people choose our tight-grain Western Red Cedar for its warm color, scent, stability, and resistance to weather. Some of our clients take advantage of Cedar's flared ends to create character beams or posts.

Douglas fir – Douglas fir has a blond tint to its color. It provides excellent strength to a building. Some customers like the more uniform taper and look of this log. We recommend it for timber frame and post and beam homes.

Kiln dried wood – Kiln dried wood is extremely stable material which can be important for building more complex projects.

Other – We occasionally will build from Yellow Cedar and dead standing Douglas fir when it's important to create a specific look for a customer.

Cedar products – We also provide cedar building materials. For example, you may want cedar siding or shingles on exterior walls such as gable ends and dormers.

Stain products – We provide exterior and interior wood stains that are designed specifically for log homes. Once you have selected a color, we can send you the stain on a sample of your desired log species.

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